Why is LEADx free? 
LEADx is not free. Selected candidates will be awarded scholarships. Thanks to our generous partners for caring about you.  

I am from an Eastern Partnership country. Do I qualify? 

Will I need to take a leave at work?
Not for LEADx. Sessions will be short and take place during evening times (GMT+4 time zone, and no weekend sessions). You may work or even be on vacation and still join us. 

Do recent graduates or young professionals qualify? 
LEADx Change is extensively for mid-career and senior leaders. If you are a young professional or an emerging leader with remarkable achievements or potential, we will still consider your application. 

I do not have time to apply. Can I just send my resume? 
We do not ask for your resumes. For your convenience, we have designed a fun and straightforward application. We believe anybody who is seeking to join LEADx should manage to find as much time worth one ice-cream to apply. 

Will you assign homework? 
Lecturers will assign some material for case studies or simulations. It’s much fun. So, yes, there will be some prep work, but it won’t take much time, and you’ll love it. 

Are all sessions mandatory to attend? 
Yes, without exception. Say your lecturer assigns you and your team roles. If you depart, your team will suffer. We believe that you don’t want to let your colleagues down. So, we count on LEADxers to always be present and ready. 
Note: We will take into account medical or family emergencies.

Can I be late for the sessions? 
No. Selected candidates who will fail to attend all sessions without a valid reason will not receive certificates and invitation to our future events. 
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