1-11 September 2020

LEADx Change is a collaborative effort of:
LEADx Change Digital 2020

Accelerating Global Leaders

Why LEADx?

The critical skills of negotiation and decision-making have distinguished leaders in times of peace and crises.  The COVID-19 global pandemic has further amplified the necessity to be successful decision- and dealmakers, team workers, and leaders as dealers in hope locally and internationally. 
LEADx Change was founded upon these core principles to help current and future leaders to be more strategic, skillful, and impactful.  With these values in mind, the 2020 digital LEADx will be a unique, crisis response edition.  We will focus on strengthening the leadership capacity of government, corporate, NGO, and media sectors to lead and change in crisis contexts.  

What is LEADx?

Designed and delivered by the world-class faculty of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, LEADx Change is a Tbilisi-based executive leadership education and networking platform for emerging and mid-career leaders from across the industry in the Black Sea region and the wider Europe. 

Out Goal

Strengthening constructive leadership, democracy and innovation attuned to the rapidly-changing 21st century circumstances. 


 Strengthen leadership, decision-making, and crisis response capacity;
 Advance critical skills of negotiation and deal-making;
 Apply novel leadership frameworks to real-life business and policy challenges;
 Connect top talents and help navigate in dynamic, uncertain, and multi-stakeholder environments;
 Reinforce cross-industry leaders’ ability to defend against malign influence at home and from abroad.

A product of a partnership between the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Institute of War and Peace Reporting, and the United Nations Association of Georgia, LEADx is more than a learning opportunity.  It is the beginning of a global network of agile, outward-looking, and visionary leaders of today and tomorrow.

How it works

The core of the program is based on the Fletcher School’s best academic practices and comprises short and rigorous courses in leadership, negotiation, and decision-making.  LEADx enables and accelerates visionaries, innovators, strategists, and dealmakers to disrupt, rethink, and better themselves, their teams, and their organizations.  Mindful of busy schedules, high costs, and other fences before quality education, LEADx offers a unique, brief, and tailored program.  

Leaders from public, corporate, media, nonprofit, or other industries, high-potential managers and professionals, who are ready to level up, co-create, innovate, and scale their impact, are best positioned to benefit from LEADx. 

LEADx 2020 goes digital and will offer its inaugural edition in a virtual setting.  We are mindful to ensure the physical distancing of our participants; however, our team and instructors' ability to adapt to fast-changing, uncertain environments and freely operate in online and offline domains will only strengthen the quality and experience of digital LEADx.  

LEADx offers an intensive, two-week first-class education by The Fletcher School professors, aided with masterclasses and workshops by top experts and professionals from Harvard, Microsoft, Sayara International, IWPR, and other premier institutions.  

Deadline: 7 August 2020, 18:00 Tbilisi time​​​​​​​


While we are distancing physically, we believe in the power of engaging and connecting to expedite the process of deal-, decision- and change-making.  LEADx Connect will feature senior business and policy executives, world-known authors, and shapers of local and global affairs. 

Integrated in the core curriculum, the CONNECT will comprise virtual fireside chats and informal discussions to maximize the value one gets from the Digital LEADx.  We will leverage our best available resources to provide an impact-oriented experience for the incoming cohort. 

What you get

At the end of the two-week program, the LEADx graduates will be able to: 

 Distinguish between positional bargaining and interest-based negotiation; 
 Understand and be ready to employ effective frameworks in negotiations of all kinds; 
 Develop methods for handling challenging negotiation behaviors from others;
 Handle the decision-making process under risk and uncertainty;
 Employ the decision-making and negotiation strategies in tandem;
 Maximize chances of success in risk-taking and crises.
 Use strategic influence methods to take negotiation into a decision-making stage; 
 Develop a clearer idea of operating in multi-stakeholder, dynamic environments;
 Get skilled in using cutting edge techniques and tech to defend against malign actors; 
 Better manage their personal and corporate reputation in the age of disinformation, tech spying, and Internet of Things.​​​​​​​

Join LEADx Change

A carefully handpicked global cohort of up to 50 leaders, who have full proficiency of the English language, value diversity, and commitment to change, will comprise the 2020 edition.  An additional priority will be given to public health and government leaders who have dealt with the COVID 19 crisis. .

We need from you to be/have:
 A mid-high-level professional from government, corporate, civil society, media or academic sectors;
 From a wider Black Sea, Europe or North America;
● Depth and breadth of knowledge in your respective field;
● Demonstrated leadership potential; 
 Commitment to change and innovation in your community;
● Potential to work effectively and under pressure with teams and independently;
 Committed to attend all sessions and contribute actively to the entire program;
● Fluent in English (intermediate levels admitted case by case);
 Age limitation: for us, leadership has no age. 
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